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Take It easy, Achieve Far More

Take it easy. (I’m telling myself too, of course). When there’s loads to do, no point making it harder by taking it hard. Take it easy and things will ease up around you. In other words, let go of the stress in your belly, chest, shoulders, neck, breathe slowly and fully and let go of trying to make everything perfect. Let it be a bit messy if it needs to be. You’ll tidy up later. Ease off and life will ease off on you. On the other hand, don’t hold back.

Give it all you’ve got in each and every moment, whether at work, rest or play. Enter fully into being where and who you are from moment to moment. Value and appreciate each moment as the most precious gift there is.

Repositioned like this, you’ll perform far more effectively and achieve far more.

May you achieve more than you thought possible without even noticing today.

Love, Doc

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