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Take the risk that will change your life forever today

So if this were your last year on earth, would you be spending it as you are? If so, no need to read on, if not, could it be time to take a few risks?

Risking losing your comfort in the familiar might seem reckless or irrational but if there’s something you really want to do with your life but are putting off till things change, you may be denying yourself the reward of being alive: realizing your potential.

Not that there’s anything so wrong about that, but if you’re burning up inside, feeling trapped in a life you seem to be living to make others happy at your own expense and are feeling the urge to make a change come about, this is to encourage you.

I’m not saying if you do, life will all roll smooth as silk. In fact it’s likely to roll rather rocky at first.

But assuming you have the courage and stalwartness to stand your ground through the turbulence of transition, the reward far outweighs the inconvenience.

But rather than attempt to meddle with the exterior and push things to change from the outside, take some time to visualize yourself a short while hence looking and feeling supremely proud of yourself, immeasurably expanded in terms of presence and confidence, prosperous and well-taken care of, healthy, vibrant and strong, as this will institute a resonance in your energy field that will attract a whole new set of circumstances to you and the change you want will then happen of itself, without effort or strain.

I wish you easy, effortless, enjoyable change that brings you everything your heart truly desires now.

Love, D

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