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Talking To Yourself

Talking to yourself, depending on how you do it, constitutes the greatest sanity.

Without realising it you’re talking to yourself all the time anyway. The trouble is, a lot of what you say is self-negating. If you examine the dialogue going on with yourself in your forebrain, you’ll notice a lot of what you’re telling yourself is negative. Every negative thought depletes your vital force. Each positive one builds it. The more vital force you have at any one time, the more powerfully you manifest what you want in the world within and around you and, of course, the better you feel.

And the best way to make sure you’re working with a preponderance of positive thoughts is to speak them out loud so you can hear what they are.

This can be done spontaneously as it comes, gently approving of yourself for every small action, word or thought that will expedite your healthy growth, telling yourself, ‘well done’, for each increment of progress as you go along and/or you can formalise it a tad and speak to yourself in affirmations. For instance you can declare, ‘I choose to enjoy the next few hours fully, no matter what, allowing myself to ride the action wherever and however it goes and to get off on the thrill of that come what may,’ and that’s the result you’ll surely get, providing you mean it when you say it.

Obviously make your own ones up – after all it’s your dialogue with you that counts here, not mine with you. All external dialogue with others merely reflects the dialogue going on with yourself inside, no matter how it appears.

Try it out. It feels a bit odd at first but once you get in the flow you’ll be amazed at how it helps you befriend yourself and marshal yourself to live life to the full in each and every moment.

Have a wild time of it today, dear reader and a totally spiffing week ahead.

Love, Barefoot

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