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Taoist Inner Strategy For A Universally Successful Life

In any given moment you can be with your mind jumping around in the imaginary future stirring up a combination of excitement and anxiety or here in your body enjoying being alive. You can be worrying about your future or you can acquiesce gracefully and surrender to destiny.

Acquiescence, a fundamental tenet of Taoist inner strategy for a universally successful life, however is not about being merely passive. There is a crucial active element too, whereby you rise up to meet your destiny and participate in its unfolding by continually defining, refining, calibrating and recalibrating what you intend in terms of outcomes to the various situations you’re involved with.

Then say your intention in a given scenario is for everyone to come out happier, more satisfied, healthier and more empowered than they went in, rather than sit around worrying about it, all you then have to do to make it happen is surrender to the flow of destiny, the path, the way, the Tao and the Tao will move all the components into place to produce that result in the most compatible way for you and everyone involved.

Meantime, the miracles that happen when you do let go actively like this are invariably stupendous and I wish you the utmost capacity to receive and enjoy when they come.

Love, D

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