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Technique for removing the mask so you can feel who you really are

Imagine for the rest of today that your face is actually just a mask you’re wearing for a bit of theatrical fun and your clothes are just a costume, behind which you’re the Buddha of compassion.

Hardly anyone can tell, not even your own local self, who persists in getting fooled by the disguise itself, but deep within you know and you know that by being the Buddha of compassion, even without doing anything differently, you’ll be spreading compassion and with that forgiveness, acceptance and therefore healing, wherever you do roam.

You’ll notice, the more you allow yourself to drop into this reality, the more you elicit beautiful surprises in your dealings with others today as you work, rest and play.

We get so used to having a face we forget it’s not intrinsically who we are, but merely a cover for the front of the skull to stop the world getting in and is to all intents and purposes just a mask, behind which lies you in all your divine power and glory.

And here’s a technique which not only undoes the illusory solidity of the face, hence remove the mask, it also increases overall vitality levels and even make the actual mask (your face) look more beautiful and respelendent.

Stretch your upper philtrum (bit above the upper lip) downwards over your front teeth, while simultaneously stretching the upper edges of your eye-sockets upwards towards the top of the forehead, then with all that in place, stretch the chin downwards, simultaneously opening the mouth into an unnaturally wide smile, relax the eye-sockets and upper philtrum and start again.

Repeat 18 times in all.

By the end of which you’ll clearly feel how your face is just a mask – and now one tingling with vitality.

I wish you the existential ease that comes with knowing your surface is merely the tip of the iceberg of who you really are today.

Love, B

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