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Technique for stimulating your intuition

Your subconscious mind already knows all the answers to all the questions, to the point that all questions and answers become superfluous, because the universe in all its unfathomable mysterious glory is revealed at that level.

The trick, dear reader, is learning to connect with and successfully access that level of mind.

To wit those wily ancient Taoists provided a device or two to expedite the process.

Using a fairly blunt crystal, the blunt end of a pencil or any improvised or even dedicated kneading instrument, press in under the base of the skull, in the middle, where you’ll find a small hollow with enough applied measured force to cause your entire skull to relax and let go. Hold it for 20 seconds or so.

Next pinch the centre of each earlobe to produce a sharp (pinching) sensation for 10 seconds or so.

Finally, press with forefinger lightly into the very centre of the forehead in line with the tops of the eyebrows as if drilling a hot poker through cold butter, thus simulating a sensation of penetrating the frontal bone and eventually tickling the midbrain region. Stop whenever you get bored and carry on as you were.

Within 24 hours you’ll intuit a great increase of intuition.

I wish you absolute clarity.

Love, B

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