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Technique To Reduce Worry On The Energetic Level

Having a good worry can be highly useful. This apparently goes counter to everything I’ve previously said. But hear me out. For some people, worrying is a habit so deeply ingrained, so reverently adhered to, so fully invested in, it’s impossible to override it in order to regain their vital inner peace and balance.

In these instances, the best thing to do is surrender and have a proper good worry session, in which you don’t even try to present the positive view to yourself. A full-blown worry session comprising solely the negative pictures.

However, this worry session can only go on for 4 minutes and not a second more (that’s why it’s a good worry – bad worrying doesn’t stop after 4 minutes).

Having done this and presumably seen how absurdly energy-wasting it is, now spend four minutes allowing your imagination to run wild picturing you standing there having jumped over every obstacle, feeling utterly relieved and delighted with yourself.

If you set about this 8-minute process in earnest today, you’ll actually make a major shift in how you approach life from now on.

Now, to go deeper, the tendency to worry arises from an imbalance in the energy of spleen and kidneys.

The fearful tone to the thoughts arises from deficient kidney chi, usually brought about by a prolonged phase of stress. The thoughts revolving in a fear-loop arises from deficient spleen chi, usually brought about by rushing, as if slave-driven over a prolonged phase, hence rarely feeling satisfied.

By adjusting their respective meridians, you naturally lower the worry-factor significantly enough to hardly notice it’s there at all.

And it goes like this.

Place your left palm on the inner ankle of the right foot, with the edge of your little finger resting on the apex of the inner ankle bone and the edge of your forefinger resting higher up on the inside of the lower leg. Now using that forefinger level as a guide, press in with the thumb, as if digging in under the shin bone. You may need to slide the thumb up and down a bit till you find the exact spot but when you do, you’ll know it by its distinctive ache when you press in.

Now using just 100 grams (4 ounces) of pressure, imagine you’re talking through the tip of your thumb and asking to be allowed in. By and by, feel your thumb penetrate. As it does, let it gently, slowly whirl in circles. Feel these circles transmit as energy swirls that travel all over your body, undoing all the fear, undoing all the loops and settling you into a state of deep safety and comfort within.

This point is where the kidney and spleen meridians meet. Stimulating it intelligently like this has a deeply settling effect within the hour.

I wish you now to feel deeply settled.

Love, B

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