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As a child, my friend Spencer Mac, a man who exemplifies the Taoist way without ever having come in contact with it till he met me, developed the power of telekinesis, the ability to move objects with his will alone. I've seen him lace a straw in a glass, hold his hands a few inches away from the sides of the glass, slowly raise his hands and watched the straw rise up in midair. I've seen him shunt a spoon across a table surface, his palm a few inches behind it. Both times I tried to prevail upon him to explain how he did it but he's not always given to articulating the mysteries.

However yesterday, as we were talking, he got up and placed a plastic pen on the rim of a glass, balanced carefully near the edge. “Watch this,” he said quietly. Then standing on the other side of the room, perfectly still, his eyes fixated on the pen, both of us silent, one minute went by, then two, then three and nothing happened. But just as I was about to turn away and start talking again, the pen, as if lifted by an invisible hand, did a completely counterintuitive swivel and dropped itself head down in the glass.

Even more miraculous, this time he agreed to analyze and explain the process he'd gone through. And even more miraculous than that, only half believing it was possible, I stood across the room and proceeded according to his instruction: hold the gaze fixed on the pen until the pen stops looking so solid and starts to morph and undulate as if made of water, all the while gently intending with the will for it to swivel and drop into the glass. One minute went by, then two, then three and nothing happened, but I continued to gaze and 'see' it morph and undulate, even though by now I was losing interest and just as I all but lost all interest, the pen swiveled and dropped into the glass.

As with other examples in my life of being able to bend material reality, it felt entirely ordinary, so much so I almost forgot it happened till I sat down to write just now. However, the metaphor it provides, the proof if you like, that it really is possible to morph the way life displays itself on the material plane, was so encouraging in terms of staying with the process of manifesting outcomes, I felt impelled to share it with you in case it should inspire you somewhat too if you need.

Mercury's roughly halfway through its current retrograde passage, during which communications and negotiations are reckoned to be more likely to skew. I hadn't remembered it was Mercury in retrograde but was thinking it must be, owing to the extreme skew occurring in various situations were, then someone reminded me it was, so it wasn't just that I was watching out for it. In fact if I was a Hollywood studio I'd not let the writers get away with the vignettes I've witnessed mouth agape this week – I'd have not deemed them credible. I suspect you may have witnessed similar in your own set up.

This is positive though, because it shows, as does my brief foray into telekinesis that the veils between dimensions are extra-diaphanous just now, hence a good time to hone your will to move reality into a more pleasing coalescence.

After all if you're feeling pleased with life you're experiencing success in the deepest sense. All the achievements, attainments, acquisitions, admiration, ardent lovers or whatever else you assume you want or need to make manifest, are merely to please you. So if you first focus on being pleased, you're winning already. The actual conditions will then tend to coalesce more cogently and elegantly as a result to support the state for you.

I picked up my book MANIFESTO at someone's house yesterday and opened it at random to a passage on prayer – highly recommended if you can get your hands on a copy, meanwhile.

So before I sign off, let's do a brief session: picture what you want. See it clearly. Fixate your gaze on the image until it starts blurring, morphing and undulating. Keep watching. Gently will it to shift into the shape or position you want it to (if wanting money say, visualize whatever represents money for you, gold bars, wads of cash or whatever, morphing and undulating then swiveling round in your direction and coming at you, for instance). Keep gently willing it but detach from caring whether it'll happen or not. Spend a bit longer than you'd instinctively want to, then let go, as if it's already happened so you can afford to relax about it.

What I said about prayer was that it's about being in a prayerful state, as in being cognizant that what's really going on here is you dancing with your Tao. Let that be so and watch the miracle of manifestation occur in the fullness of time.

This is offered as a blessing.

With love, BD

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