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Tenets of universal Taoist wisdom: 4 ounces

Having relinquished self-importance and other symptoms of an egocentric mindset sufficiently to let go into the mystery of following the Great Way, the Tao, whither it leads, through thick and thin, o’er hill and dale etc, you learn by and by, that by simply clarifying an intention as you wend your way along the Way, you set in motion a chain of cause and effect, which in the fullness of time, results in you getting exactly what you want without stress or strain.

In the interim you’re required to strike a balance between straining and lassitude.

The key to this, no matter what you’re doing or what’s doing you, is only ever using and/or allowing to be exerted on you, a metaphorical 4 ounces of pressure (roughly 110 grams): not too much and not too little – just enough to facilitate a healthy, balanced exchange between you and the external world.

Contemplate 4 ounces in relation to how much you push against life and how much life pushes against you.

When you want to make a child’s balloon move a few meters through the air, if you whack it with your palm, it merely meets with resistance from the air pressure, moves a short distance and stalls. But if you merely flick it with 4 ounces, it meets with no resistance and easily travels the distance.

May you travel the distance with similar ease today.

Love, D

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