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Tenets of universal Taoist wisdom: power of the word

Abracadabra derives from the ancient Hebrew, meaning, what I say will be done.

The Taoist system of wu wei magic (achieving what you want by intention without strain) also uses the power of the word as a basis for triggering a transformation of conditions. It works by focusing the will (combination of intention and vitality) on a specific outcome, even if that’s merely a broad-based one, because attaining to the state of absolute peace upon which all else is added can be effected using either a whole sentence in the form of a positive affirmation, such as, “I now manifest a state of absolute inner peace to which all else I want is added,” or by using a single word or series of single words.

For example – and this is one of my favourites, and one I teach in School for Warriors 3 – close your eyes and repeat the word silence 9 times, hearing and seeing the word in the centre of your brain. Then repeat the word stillness 9 times, hearing and seeing the word in the middle of your chest. Finally repeat the word power 9 times, seeing and hearing the word behind your belly button.

Then rest easy for a moment and enjoy the vastly altered-for-the-better state you’ll find yourself in.

And if you like it, you’ll love the effect from doing it through a few times during the course of today.

Naturally you can use any word you like with equal shift-manifesting efficaciousness: health, wealth, success, peace, joy, love, compassion, miracles and so on.

I wish you a miraculous day.

Love, B

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