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Tenets of universal Taoist wisdom: Self-acceptance (as a major key to health and enlightenment)

Someone I work with is a top stylist and a real handsome guy with a great build who exudes confidence and self-esteem in an exemplary way. When we get to talking, however, he reveals he has a complex about being ugly and having a bad physique and that he doesn’t like himself at all.

At the end of a meeting recently with a businesswoman who radiates great coping capacity and efficiency, someone who evidently really thrives on her work and who comes off as super-confident, she reveals to me that she’s reached the end of her tether, feels as if she can’t cope anymore, wants to jack it all in and go and hide somewhere because she doesn’t feel she’s good enough.

Then there’s the circus high-wire performer I worked with, who walked the tightrope as seemingly easily as most people use the sidewalk – this was in one of my TV shows incidentally – to help him overcome, would you believe, his phobia about heights.

As a general rule, you can be fairly confident assuming that the way someone presents is more than likely the opposite of how they’re feeling inside about themselves.

Based on this knowledge, assume that everyone you meet is struggling – not just you – so rather than feeling dazzled or daunted by others, no matter how powerful, famous or rich, feel compassion.

My tai chi master of 35 years, Grandmaster Kells with his magic spells, says we’re all little children, sisters and brothers on the path, stumbling along in the dark together, holding each other’s hands, so we can all keep going somehow.

I wish you deep reassurance today that you’re totally OK as you are.

Love, D

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