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Tenets of universal Taoist wisdom: Taoist sound healing

The universe is primarily built on a sound-wave operating at a frequency 50 octaves below human hearing – the background radiation wave, or shabd or sacred sound, as the Indian yogis call it: the OM (aum). We as individuals, as human versions of the universe, naturally also owe our existence primarily to this sound-wave. And the more freely its subsonic frequency is able to resonate throughout your body, the more freely the chi (life-force) is able to pass through your channels. The more freely the chi is able to pass through your channels, the better your health will be and the stronger your vitality. The stronger your vitality, the more swimmingly your life goes from moment to moment, stage by stage.

This is the basis for Taoist sound healing.

The ancient Taoists developed 6 healing sounds, one for each vital organ and one for the overall energy field. But it’s not even necessary to know these to achieve a powerful healing effect today.

All you need is a space you can be alone and not particularly overheard for five minutes or so wherein you can give vent to your voice.

Allow your voice to slide around and make the most ridiculous sounds – gibberish of the highest order to get the vocal chords to relax, then indulge in dropping the voice eventually to the lowest bass register you can comfortably reach and spend a few minutes humming, omming, chanting whichever vowel sounds you fancy and feel the sound resonating from the crown of your head all the way down through your body to the tips of your fingers and toes.

As soon as you can feel your entire body vibrate all the way into the bone marrow, you’ve activated a free flow of chi and within moments your vitality levels will increase.

Repeat this every day and within no more than three weeks you’ll be stunned by how differently you feel and how much more swimmingly your life goes.

I knew an old guy in New Mexico called Daddy Bill – he was 96 and put his bounding good health and longevity down fully to having been an opera singer in his early years and having subsequently sang for a while every day of his life ever since.

May the Tao sing through you all day and bring you the sweetest gifts today can offer.

Love, D

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