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The bigger picture

As you wend your way through the busy day, much of the time your mind will necessarily be narrow-focused exclusively on the task at hand. In between tasks are moments of respite. In honour of the mind’s natural tendency to be governed by the universal yin-yang dynamic (contraction or narrow focus and expansion or broad focus), it behoves you to notice these intervals when they arise and to take full advantage of them by inviting your mind to broaden its focus as wide as it will stretch, in the same way you’d treat a muscle or muscle group that was being strenuously used. After contraction must come expansion, after a flex, a stretch, otherwise comes a seize-up.

This applies to the dynamic of narrow-focusing on the picture of what you’re doing in the moment versus broad-focusing on the bigger picture of your life, as much as it does to the physical process of visually focusing on a point or small area directly in front of you versus allowing your visual span to expand to include the periphery.

Indeed, by dropping whatever’s in your mind and simply allowing your eyes to take in the periphery, your mind naturally lights upon the broad spectrum of your existence.

Allow this to go all the way and you find yourself gazing out at your universe with the eyes of the Tao itself and all mundane concerns, no matter their scale, hitherto causing you varying degrees of anguish or grief and hence stress, fall instantly into perspective and their sting is attenuated.

May all your stings be attenuated so much today and tonight, you feel like a newborn baby.

Love, Doc

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