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The Gift Of The Breath Of Life Itself

You set out on a journey aeons ago and have been out on the road for longer than you can remember, but when you're here, when you're fully present behind all the noise of being a person, you can remember home and what it feels like – the omnipresent quality of it, the warmth of it, the feeling that everything, at the profoundest level, is ok – the visceral knowing that the world’s your oyster.

Stay in touch with home and be nourished at the profoundest level for it, by maintaining a constant low level of attention on your breathing no matter what else you’re up to at the time, moment by moment – this one for a start. Being cognitive (mindful) of your breathing is naturally a primary key to being present. And specifically the out-breath – the inhalation is autonomic anyway. But cutting into the exhalation with presence of mind, holds you fast in the moment and stops your mind wandering into the realms of unreality.

Continue consciously breathing like this, remaining present all the while, a clear intention as to desired outcomes held firmly in the heart, and the world is your oyster.

I was going to stay trust me on that one – but don’t trust me, trust yourself – and one important way you develop self-trust (a key component to being mindfully present), is through paying attention to your breathing now.

Yours is the gift of the breath of life itself.

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