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The Gift Of Unshakeable Equilibrium

You know how sometimes things seem to go against you and sometimes they appear to go your way?

I say ‘seem’ and ‘appear’ because this is only the world of the ten thousand things, the world of illusion (even though it still hurts when you stub a toe, and so on, because it really is, very a very clever illusion).

A trusted Taoist existential stance you might like to adopt for experimental purposes is the ‘not necessarily good, not necessarily bad’ approach.

Be in no rush to draw conclusions about good or bad. As things happen, however apparently awful or delightful, be like a wise scientist who observes and remains calm while all or enough of the evidence comes available before making a judgement.

Stay in your centre – enjoy the picture show, but suspend judgement because, as we all know, every cloud has a silver lining and every silver lining has a cloud sequestered in its glittering folds; what looks good at night may look bad in the morning and what looks good in the morning may look bad at night; yin becomes yang and yang becomes yin – it’s all relative – not necessarily bad, not necessarily good.

Embody this and unshakeable equilibrium will be yours for evermore, or at least as long as you have this body to carry you around.

Yours is the gift of unshakeable equilibrium.

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