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The Great Way

Don’t panic if you find yourself in what appear to be dire straits.

Be strong, centre yourself and know that according to the golden immutable metaphysical law of yin and yang, when any situation reaches its zenith it transforms into its opposite.

Hence dire, when taken to its extreme, will yield the very solution required to transform itself into un-dire.

It’s the same as with dodging a punch in the Taoist martial arts – you have to wait till the very last nanosecond or your opponent will spot the dodge and readjust his/her trajectory accordingly.

This takes great courage.

But it takes great courage to be a human being in the first place so you have that.

Hence, when you look around at what looks like your potential undoing, instead of giving way to extreme anxiety, which is totally counterproductive, have the guts to stop, breathe and say thankyou to the Great Way, because you know the very next thing that happens will be your salvation.

Radical perhaps but Taoism is all about altering reality at its roots rather than attempting in vain to keep order via its multitude of external effects.

May your salvation from any tricky situation today be instantaneous.

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