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The Ground Beneath Your Feet

Sometimes I can actually feel the 66,000 miles an hour speed we’re travelling at on this planet – when I relax and sink enough and tune in with my awareness, I can feel it in my hips – I have to bypass the illusion of stillness caused by the earth’s axial counter-spin to get there but once I do, there is no thrill available on the local plane that comes close – how could it?

What could be more of a thrill to the senses than moving through deepest space at 19 miles per second? It also serves to put the local ride, consisting mostly of a journey in your head, into perspective, for no matter how far or fast you travel on the planet and on your life journey in general, it will be a puny effort by comparison – no matter how much you achieve or don’t achieve on the local plane, the fact is you got on the planet a few billion miles back and you’ll get off it a few billion miles hence and that’s the nub of the story.

All the rest is merely distraction, similar to watching a movie on a long-haul flight.

Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy whichever movie you’re watching – enjoy each movie to the full, of course – just that you’ll retain your sanity more efficiently by remembering what you’re actually doing (watching a movie, engaging in distraction), rather than believing the movie you’re watching is reality – and there’s nothing quite as instant for reminding you as feeling into the speed of the actual journey you’re on.

In the next 24 hours, we’ll be travelling over one and a half million miles, you and I. that’s not a fantasy, it’s pure fact – over one and a half million miles. Can you feel it in the ground beneath your feet, the excitation in your loins, rising up into your chest? Best to breathe and centre yourself by sinking the weight beneath the navel and choose the sort of outcome you want from the weekend.

Me, I want to feel a sense of supreme peace within and be experiencing absolute harmony around me – I want to feel rested, refreshed, energised, satisfied, light-hearted, youthful, motivated, confident and generally delighted. How about you?

Consider the invisible ubiquitous power capable of causing a planet to hurtle through space at such speeds.

That same power is intrinsic to your own life.

By sinking and relaxing enough to feel that power within, you enable it to flow through you and all your affairs and produce the intended result. That’s how magic works.

Have a wildly well-lived day.

With love, Doc

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