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The hip way to increase your life-force

Hips are unsung heroes. They fulfill a crucial role yet save for when you strain or dislodge them from their moorings thus causing them to give you pain, do you even acknowledge their presence. However think how it would be without them there. The gap in your structure produced by their absence would see your upper parts swiftly fall on the floor for a start.

Furthermore your hip region is, energetically speaking, the repository of animal power in your body. The more in touch you are with your hips and the more relaxed you are down there, the more animal power you have at your disposal. Animal power is essential as a balance to your intellectual power. When your attention is too much on what’s going on in your head, it is necessarily not enough on what’s going on in your hips and the less attention you have in your hips the less animal power you have, which leads you to having too much intellectual power, which in turn causes you to be living conceptually rather than existing in the here and now enjoying the fruits of being alive.

Take a moment to speak to your hips. Thank them kindly for all they do for you. Invite them to relax a little more. Say, ‘Hips relax a little more now’, visualize them 5 feet wide and feel them broaden and relax, tracing the ensuing warmth as it flows all around them and slowly starts rising up your spine to energize your belly and all the rest of you.

Then say hip-hip hooray, which odd expression presumably originated in the ancients’ general veneration of the hip and as the day goes on, you’ll enjoy the sensation of being more connected to the true power of existence.

Wish: you feel more connected to the power of existence by the hour.

Love, D

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