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The Internal Wedding

Lots of people go to Ibiza to get married. It’s become a bit of a staple income earner for the island: the dress, the function, the ceremony, hotel rooms for the guests, the meals, the drinks and all the rest. Which is all lovely of course, yet it makes me wonder whether we have committed an oversight by not making it mandatory for every individual to marry herself or himself, before even contemplating marrying someone else. For surely it’s amazing that we’ll exercise the blind courage to promise lifelong fidelity to someone else, yet rare is the one who has made that vow to her/himself.

Keeping the faith in yourself, being true to yourself, loving yourself, sticking by yourself through thick and thin, supporting yourself every step along the way, are all prerequisite for optimal functioning of your person as you negotiate your passage along the Great Thoroughfare and could constitute the bones of the essential vow you’d make with yourself, were you to enter such a marriage.

The ancients laid great store in the mystical union, an alchemical term denoting the balancing of yin and yang, female and male within, doing which one would develop integrity, centeredness, personal power and ultimately generate the basis for what the Taoists call your ‘immortal spirit body’.

Your first and primary obligation in this life is to be yourself, to be true to yourself and to love, support and care for yourself every step along the way. Only in this integrated state are you able to truly give to another.

Plus wearing a tuxedo over a wedding dress could be a novel and interesting look.

Wish: you have a beautiful internal wedding today and emerge from it stronger, more focused, more comfortable in your skin and more secure and stable than you’ve ever felt in your life.

Love and congratulations, Doc

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