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The Key To Enlightenment

While there are many factors that have to come together to produce the enlightened state and it would be difficult to prioritize them absolutely, it’s hard to think of any that could possibly be much more important than this one which lies at the very core of Taoist practice.

In the centre of your brain, is a so-called psychic chamber, the ancient Taoists called the cavity or cave of original spirit. It’s the location of the inner eye, the eye your original, or immortal spirit uses to bear witness to you and your life unfolding, lifetime after lifetime.

Train yourself to feel it from within, while meditating with eyes closed and then to remain looking from it constantly, while engaged in the dance of the everyday world, (while talking or interacting with others, while walking, while, driving, while operating heavy machinery, or even just a simple kettle when you make tea).

Watching the experience of life from the midbrain, allowing your two eyes to play the role simply of windows in the front of the skull, you notice instantly the usual noise of thoughts comprising your ongoing internal dialogue is suddenly silent. All the inner chatter about how well or badly you’re doing in the everyday world and which generally distracts you from your inner wisdom and intuition and can drive you quite insane at times is all at once no more.

This is because the internal dialogue occurs in the front-brain and by drawing the mind back into the mid-brain instead, you immediately disengage it. It hasn’t actually stopped – that part of the mind can’t stop while you’re alive – without it you wouldn’t be able to function as an individuated entity on the material plane – the program’s still running bur you’ve clicked the window closed.

The more you train your mind to watch the world from there rather than the front of the face, the more you’ll feel the power of divine consciousness informing each moment, thus enabling you to more or less constantly see beneath the disguises and subterfuges of the everyday world to the subtext beneath and only when aware of the subtext in any situation do you have true command of what’s going on.

My wish: that you find your midbrain view with the greatest of ease, are sublimely thrilled by the altered state it facilitates and that this transforms your reality profoundly for the better by a quantum leap.

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