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The Key To Fulfilling Your Potential

People run around, busily engaged in agenda enactment, manifesting what they want with varying degrees of success and so on, as if life will always go on like this and death will never come. They distract themselves from the reality of dying one day in this manner. And yet the deep joy they seek in externals never truly arrives no matter how much of their agenda is realized, nor how many people or things they successfully manifest in their lives. This deep joy can only arise from full visceral appreciation of the simple yet unfathomably profound fact of being alive. And this appreciation can only be realized by having something to contrast it to: being dead.

That’s right: without acceptance of the reality of being dead one day, there can be no real appreciation of the miracle of being alive right now. Hence the need to lose themselves in externals as a form of distraction.

So the key is to start acknowledging death as a reality. The next step is to stop being afraid of it as if it’s the bogeyman, to stop seeing it as a cold, dark place. Instead – and this takes a slight effort of will and understanding that we each create the reality we see - start creating a picture of death as a place of warmth and light.

Rather than see it as the end, see it as the return to the limitless eternal-moment state.

This is a discipline of mind you have to work on regularly and by and by, death stops being your enemy and starts becoming your friend. Not in a ghoulish or morbid way, but in a healthy, soul-nurturing way that serves as contrast to being alive, by which you’re able to fully appreciate the miracle of your own existence, thereby attaining to a perpetual state of joy. This is the same effect that having a near-death experience affords people, but why go to such extremes just to wake yourself up?

As soon as your fear of death diminishes, your fear of life diminishes with it and you’re more open and able to take the sort of risks that transform your life into the full-blown adventure your soul craves.

May you come face to face with your own inner golden immortal and in its reflection know that you have nothing to fear and everything to gain by grasping your life, living it, loving it and riding it for all it’s worth today, tonight and right through the weekend.

Love, D

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