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The Masters’ Method For Embracing The Yin For The Good Times To Begin Again

Yin represents the contracted state. Yang represents the expanded state. We all love to feel expansive but you can’t have constant expansion. There has to be contraction to contrast it by.

The Taoist’s way of uprooting a weed, is rather than tug on it initially, to push it further into the ground first. That way you loosen its roots and just a gentle tug will then uproot it. Hence to induce a state of expansion, first produce a deeper state of contraction.

In respect of dealing with despair, for example, you’ll notice when despair grips you, it causes a physical contraction throughout your belly and chest, which will reflect into the back, shoulders, neck and face. So the first thing is identifying the physical sensation that comes with the emotion. Next, rather than immediately try and relax it away, exaggerate it. Go deeper into the contraction. So deep you can’t bear it any more. Then take a deep breath and all at once, as if taking yourself by surprise, exhale and let all the contraction go. let it disperse, tell it, ‘Contraction, disperse!’

You’ll have to repeat this a few times, as despair, heartbreak and any other of the trickier emotional states present in waves of pain and you have to deal with each wave as it arises. But it really only takes a few goes before the pain subsides completely and you’re back into positive territory.

At about this time, the Tao switches yin to yang for you and you receive your due shower of blessings.

It’s a beautiful process.

I wish you a most miraculous, unexpected switch from yin to yang and a flurry of blessings that lands with a bang of joy on your doorstep this very day.

Love, B

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