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The mechanics of authenticity

According to Taoist legend, within, around and co-spatial with your physical body, there are a number of other bodies, one of which, perhaps the most important, is your ‘immortal spirit body’, a vehicle, which if developed during this lifetime through meditation practice, will serve as a vehicle for your consciousness after you die, awareness of which not only helps reduce the fear of death (and hence life), but also affords you far more personal power to manifest the reality you want as you go along during this life.

The main organisation of the spirit body rests upon the existence of three so-called psychic chambers, one in the belly, one in the chest and one in the brain.

The lowermost is in command of all survival drives and functions. The middle one is in command of the higher human qualities arising from loving and caring.

The uppermost is in command of your consciousness.

Simply by imagining their existence you bring them into being.

How you imagine them is entirely up to you, though of course I could make suggestions but won’t in this instant and will leave that aspect entirely up to you.

It’s enough simply to see the existence of these three chambers within you, each with its respective areas of command. And then focusing on them as you communicate with others, being sure to come from a balanced measure of all three simultaneously, so that the thoughts (hence words you speak and actions you perform), are supported by love and the love is supported by vitality.

This will make your voice and movements authentically resonant without you even having to think about it. This resonance will be instinctively felt by the other, who will naturally respond from a similar balance of all three chambers and the results will be surprisingly benign for all parties, without any of the parties having to make an effort.

I wish you surprisingly benign outcomes today.

Love, B

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