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The Mechanism And Method To Activate Your Life-Joy Today

Stop whatever else you’re doing and/or thinking about just for a moment and examine what you’re feeling in your belly and chest - for example, warmth, wilfulness, cold, fear, anxiety, doubt, trepidation, confidence, extroversion, anger, irritation, self-pity, envy, frustration, impatience, disillusion, despondency, excitement, generosity, joy, arrogance, humility, clarity, worry, confusion, introversion, meanness, inspiration, enthusiasm, dullness, alienation, torpor, flatness, sharpness and/or any convolution of the above.

As soon as you’ve accessed and identified what you’re feeling, ask yourself if you could let go of wanting to change it. Answer yes. Then ask yourself if you would let go of wanting to change it. Again, answer yes.

Take a moment to enjoy the instant relief of not having to fight with own your feelings.

Then, overriding any possible objections arising from your rational mind as to the potential futility of continuing such an unusual line of self-inquiry, ask yourself if you could be willing to enjoy feeling whatever you’re feeling. Answer yes. Finally ask yourself if you would be willing to enjoy it. Again, answer yes.

Now what you’ll hopefully find, is a soft, quiet joy, not one that has obliterated the painful feelings but which has accommodated them (in joy).

Get into the habit of running this procedure with frequency and regularity throughout the day and subsequently and you’ll change your whole life at the most profound level and not only will you know the innate joy of the miracle of being alive all the time, you’ll also be putting yourself in the flow of the Tao, who/which will reward you richly for being in it with her/him/it, by sending a whole raft of additional miracles your way.

I wish you the joy of being adept at this method and all the benefits and bounty it yields – may you be overwhelmed with joy now and evermore.

Love, B

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