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The Meeting of a Hundred Energies

At the crown of your head is an energy locus the Hindu yogis call the thousand petal lotus and the Taoists call the meeting of a hundred energies, which serves as the connecting point between your local self and the world of spirit.

When activated, the light of spirit fills you and radiates throughout your life, increasing positive feelings and outcomes automatically.

One way to keep it constantly activated consists in pressing lightly into the crown (the apex of the skull) with your forefinger and slowly turning a small clockwise circle. As you do so visualize a golf ball size sphere of brilliant white light turning clockwise at the speed of light about a thumb’s width distance above the crown.

Throughout the day keep doing this for a few seconds at a time, keep doing it each day for the next few days and by then it’ll be fairly automatic and constant.

I wish you constant light even in the midst of the densest darkness.

Love, B

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