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The Most Powerful Way To Deal With Pain

In respect of the aches and pains that afflict you as you go about your daily business, and which deplete your vitality and drain the very energy you need to succeed in accomplishing your tasks with the excellence and enjoyment they merit, the Taoists have a radical take.

Rather than attempt to mask, remove or in any way avoid the pain, you actually take your consciousness right into the heart of it.

You take your mind right into the core of the discomfort and breathe with it, in much the same way as you’d breathe to overcome the shock of a cold shower, and you stay in it and with it, as you would a cold shower if the boiler had broken down and you needed to get the shower gel off you.

And what you’ll find, as with a cold shower endured to its natural finale, is an overwhelming sense of triumph and just as the cold no longer feels cold but neutral and even warm once you’ve surrendered to it, the pain neutralizes into a mere sensation.

If it’s chronic it will inevitably return but then all you have to do is repeat the process and within just a few repetitions, your subconscious will get the message to accommodate the pain in a different way, gradually leading to a real lessening.

It’s not the only approach. Painkillers have their place too, as does acupuncture, cranial osteopathy and all the other excellent methods of pain reduction available, but it’s certainly an option and according to the Taoists, the most powerful and potentially efficacious one there is.

Wish: you now have command over your own pain and are able to operate more comfortably today and tonight than you’ve ever done before.

Love, D

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