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The Mysterious Path

It’s a mystery this path we tread and there’s no way of knowing where it’s going to lead us, other than at some point we’ll be dropping our bodies, but then the mystery still goes on because none of us has a clue what happens after that.

There are however a few basic tenets of wisdom which if adhered to with gentle persistence, will encourage us to remain optimally poised to derive full benefit from each and every step as we take it.

Keep breathing.

You have an allotted number of breaths this lifetime.

The slower you breathe, the longer you’ll live for, providing nothing untoward happens.

Don’t take anything personally now – especially you. That way if something untoward does befall you, the odds of which are high at some point when you consider all the forces lined up against you, you maintain the integrity of your mind and are not scattered to the four winds – you are able to observe it all unfolding from a transpersonal viewpoint.

Always bear in mind the cycle of yin and yang (empty and full) is operational throughout the affairs of your life. When things seem to be going against you, rejoice because it means next they’ll be going for you.

When things are going for you, rejoice because it’s wonderful when things are going for you and rejoicing makes them carry on like that for longer.

Always rejoice just for being alive even when it gets shitty.

Relax your body. Being tense blocks the flow of life-force which causes constriction on all levels including in your external affairs.

Be aware of your spine at all times. Consider it as the repository of your strength and power. The more elongated it is, the more length the strength and power has to express itself through.

Watch everything from the centre of your brain rather than your eyeballs and forebrain – by drawing the mind further back, you instantly free yourself of the chatter of your monkey mind and can see clearly.

Remember you have a choice in every moment: enjoy being here or resist it. by choosing the former, you reinforce the flow of positive energy in your body and throughout your affairs and things start working out better for you.

Soften your chest and allow yourself to be as loving and loveable as possible at all times. The more warmth you radiate, the more you receive from others and in warmth, miracles of healing occur more freely.

Desist from attempting to trap or otherwise violate another person or people, even with your thoughts. Let everyone be free to continue on their path without in any way hindering or delaying them – no matter who, no matter what.

Always assume responsibility for your own reality. Remind yourself at every turn that you are not a victim of reality – you are creating reality.

Avoid dwelling in any of the insidious forms of self-pity as this only drains your life-force. Always be ready to exclaim, ‘I love my life’.

It’s always OK to be afraid as long as you don’t indulge in being afraid about being afraid. Be afraid, breathe and meet whatever challenges you face with the totality of yourself.

Forgive yourself for being human and flawed and desist from trying to be perfect. Accept that you are perfect exactly as you are, including all your faults, no matter how many times you appear to mess things up.

Always trust that the Tao, the Great Way is benign and will deliver you to precisely where you’re meant to be.

And know that reality is a lot more nebulous than you think. All forms change over time.

Move your body as a single unit from a point just inside your navel.

Smile with your eyes, trust yourself and keep your mind focused on the moment rather than losing yourself in future or past.

Remain aware that everything and everyone is connected in an infinite continuum and that the love you transmit returns to you multiplied.

You are no doubt already adding to that roll-call, which is apt, as it’s a potentially endless list – one fitting for a whole series of daft little books to buy people at Christmas, however if you were to take just one of the above as the central theme of your reality for an entire day and night, it would alter both the internal and external conditions of your existence radically for the better.

Which reminds me to add, life is riddled with non-resolvable contradictions and to be able to accommodate the inherent paradox in absolutely everything including every aspect of yourself without trying to change it or make it all fit neatly, is the mark of true wisdom.

As is stopping when you’ve said enough.

May the mysterious path lead you to vistas gentle, sexy and serene today and tonight.

With love, Doc

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