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The Only Loony Like This On The Planet

I’m aware that by throwing the Alice-In-Wonderland aspect into my writing, I risk alienating some readers who will erroneously believe the substance of the message is nothing more than a quirky gag. but I don’t care, I truly don’t – I find myself ever less concerned about being appealing, as opposed to revealing the nuts of the Tao, the more I let go into the flow, which requires great trust, especially at crunch times, such as many of us are no doubt about to face – you could call it recklessness but I find the more I stop trying to control what’s going to happen, the more it happens in the most magically splendid way – and every day I’m letting go more – and not just in respect of the microcosmic personal picture but also of the world at large, as in we appear to be collectively slowly coming round to facing a crunch time, yet rather than freaking out about it and start trying to make sensible plans for how to best spend the end of the world, I let go even more of my so-called rational mind and jump into the current of my heart’s fascination.

I hope that inspires you to do likewise as I don’t want to feel as if I’m the only loony like this on the planet – and now it‘s hot here in Provence and I’m on general go-slow, so that’s me out.

I wish you a day during which you are totally astonished, not just surprised by, at least three utterly unexpected turns of event for the way, way better.

With love, Doc

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