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The permanently Centered State

If you’ve been following these drops for a while, you’ll have gathered that the underlying thrust is all about how to meditate, based on the Taoist style made modern, how to use this both for centring and concentrating enough vital power to manifest what you want in life simply by visualising it, as well as numerous other profound benefits and if you haven’t been here to check the drops for a while or ever, now you know.

So I’d like to clarify that even after many years of the suggested daily practice of sitting in meditation for a short while, you never, ever get to a permanently centred state. That would require you be made of something solid like concrete and placed securely on a fixed spot for the rest of your life, which wouldn’t be a life because you’d be made of concrete or the like. In reality what happens is that your mind (and subsequently your energy) is constantly being pulled towards the distractions of the external world and by growing into an accomplished meditation practitioner, you are able to constantly pull yourself back to centre.

In other words, the state of enlightenment consists of a constant movement back to the centre.

To understand more fully what I’m saying here and to feel its significance, not to mention the pleasant sensation engendered, try this.

Sit comfortably.

Lengthen your spine by raising your breastbone and pushing the rear of your neck back a bit.

Drop your shoulders.

Relax all your muscles and sinews with a sigh or series of sighs.

Allow your weight to sink and trust your lengthened spine to hold you upright.

Draw your mind back, deep into the centre of your brain equidistant between your ears, so that your eyeballs are now merely two windows in the front of your skull.

Simply sit and gaze along an imaginary line originating in the centre of your brain and extending through the centre of your forehead into infinity. Mentally repeat the word ‘focus’ over and over.

Every time you notice your mind sliding forwards into your forebrain and engaging in the internal dialogue going on in there, gently draw it back into centre brain, focus on the breathing and previous steps and start again.

This drawing back is the motion I was talking about at the top.

Over time it becomes a pleasure to feel yourself drawing back rather than getting lost in externals.

The more you’re able to do so, the more enlightened you become, the less prone you are to be wobbled, shaken or stirred by the slings and arrows of daily life, the more stable and internally secure you become, the more clear-minded you become, the more peaceful you become and the more able you are to succeed in manifesting whatever you want, more or less whenever you want, without effort or strain.

And that, I believe comprises one of the most profound tools for living a full and successful life known to humankind in an absolute nutshell.

May it serve you well and may your day and night be one of absolute serenity and confidence in the midst of the maelstrom.

Love, Doc

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