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The Point Of Being Alive

Walking along yesterday I was contemplating how you have to dare to have a vision and you have to dare to sustain that vision, especially when external circumstances conspire to refute it.

You have to not feel silly when it looks like you were mad to have chosen the path you have, or if you do feel silly, then not berate yourself for it, but above all you have to dare to maintain that vision through thick and thin and not be worried you’re deluding yourself even when others close to you attempt to persuade you otherwise.

Because eventually, as long as you don’t die first, that vision will in fact materialise. And it’s a not a problem if you do die first. Because having a vision and making it come true is not the point of being alive.

The point of being alive, if there is one, is to realise your divine nature and the dance of manifesting a vision is merely representative of your dance with the divine, so as long as you’re enjoying dancing with the Tao, step by step, moment by moment, it doesn’t actually matter whether your vision materialises or not.

However the odds are highly stacked in favour of it materialising if you do dare to maintain the vision through thick and thin.

I exhort you: maintain that vision, don’t wobble (or if you do, don’t be wobbled by being wobbled), don’t give up and stay resolute.

Have a wicked day.

With love, Doc

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