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The Power Of Chi For Self-Defence – Part II

This isn’t the place to go into how to channel chi to use for specific boxing moves in the tai chi style as that requires training, but it is the place for showing you how to generate an all-terrain, all-purpose protective shield to prevent all harmful external influences, whether expressed psychically or physically to your person or to anyone you wish to protect. Having set up the flow of chi as explained in the Wisdom 'The Power of Chi', whereby you find your body as if enveloped by a protective cushion of air imbued with energy, visualize a large egg shape all around you, beneath, above, in front, behind and to the sides. Its radius at waist height is approximately 6 meters from your spine to the surface of the egg. Now see another concentric egg directly inside the first. See the first egg spinning counter-clockwise and the second spinning clockwise, both at the speed of light – 186,000 miles per second.

As you continue breathing in through the navel and out through the lower back and the chi streams up your back, over your head, down the front and round again, visualize it growing in amplitude as it circulates up and down, until the outer edges of its mass are touching the outer edges of the two eggs and both are filled with chi, thus forming a vertical loop encased in a laterally spinning pair of concentric opposing spheres.

And if you can follow that, let alone practice it, you’ll be imbued with the full protection of the Tao.

You can also project a protective sphere around anyone you wish to keep safe from all harm, simply by visualizing them with the protective white-light eggs around them spinning at the speed of light in opposing directions. Then raise your right palm in a gesture of transmission towards them and aiming it at their navel, visualize a stream of chi emitting from your palm and filling the interior of their protective eggs.

I trust this wasn’t overly convoluted or incomprehensible in the explanation.

If you activate this today, you’ll be amazed at how it shifts your energy levels and makes you feel incredibly safe and protected.

Loving wish: you experience the superhuman levels of internal power associated with the tai chi practice through this and as a result of the ensuing sense of wellbeing achieve a miraculous amount without even trying.

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