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The Power Of Your Inner Wild One

As well you know, lurking there in the shadows of your personality is the wild beast within. And you’re by no means alone in that. Lurking beneath the personalities of all of us is an inner wild beast.

And because wild beasts are by nature wild, it was inevitable that we’d do what we could to contain this primal force and at our best, aspire to sublimating the force thence derived and using it towards the higher good. But not necessarily having been masters of inner alchemy from the off, it was also inevitable that self-repression and its external cousin, social oppression of the wild one, became the norm in order for civilization to keep expanding and turning on its axis but where does all that primal energy go?

If husbanded well, it fuels you with animal vigour, which you then use to power your life, while honouring a natural code of internal ethics including respect for all life, kindness, caring and so on.

If merely suppressed however, it leads to self-hatred and all the other facets of depression, oftentimes also projected outwards, blaming the world.

A warrior accesses the primal force and sublimates it.

Let’s go with that one.

The primal force is as you’d expect, to be found in high concentration in your loins, your thighs buttocks, hips and pelvic floor.

The art is to breathe in and out as if breathing in and out directly into this entire region and so amplify the sensation of primal force.

Then to breathe it up as a collected entity into your lower abdomen and keep breathing now as if in and out of the entire area of your body at waist level, amplifying the sensation of it. Notice as you do, that it’s already become less urgent, more contained, yet just as powerful as when in its original primal form.

Now breathe it up and down the front of your body, up to heart level on the inhalation and down to navel level on exhalation.

Do this playfully and after a few breaths bouncing it up and down you’ll notice your heart feeling happy and strong and your innate fascination and enthusiasm for life at the fore just like when you were very young and hadn’t been fully socialized yet.

However now, because you’re a fully-grown warrior, you’ll also able to preside over the whole experience from the centre of your brain and thus remain alert and perceptive to potential imbalance or danger.

The preceding represents thousands of years worth of Taoist alchemical wisdom compressed for the internet. May it unpack itself naturally within and its unfolding bless you with the joy of a million miracles.

Love, B

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