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The Secret Of Getting Things To Work Out For You Today

Imagine you were so innocent you had no preconceptions, no preferences and no prejudices. Imagine you were so free of judgement you never attempted to draw a conclusion. Imagine you were so childlike, you felt open-hearted to all other people and living things, including even mosquitoes. Imagine you were so awake, you thrilled at life and at the mystery informing it with every breath you took. And imagine that by being like this, everything you need fell into your lap without you making any effort to make it happen.

Then be that person.

This is the Taoist way.

It runs counter to the huff-and-puff mode more favoured in modern society, but as modern society isn’t all it was cracked up to be and is evidently as flawed as can be, why treat its tenets with reverence?

Experiment with the Taoist approach of becoming like a child, playing innocently in the playground of life today and tonight and watch how easily and well things work out for you.

Wish: things work out so well and easily you can hardly recognise your life by the end of the day.

Love, D

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