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The story develops

My whole life’s a weekend as my work, which is my dedication, devotion, and joy, is continuous but I still indulge the memory traces programmed from being at school and allow myself to join in the nonsense of believing the weekend is a different phenomenon from the week, that these are not human-made constructs but somehow primordial, after all God allegedly created the world in six days and on the seventh rested, so at least one day off a week must be primordially ordained mustn’t it?

But before I meander down the avenue of debunking silly stories and pointing out their allegorical nature, then voice bewilderment that anyone in 2017 or ever for that matter deigns to take such stories literally and might even be willing to kill or punish others for not deigning to join them in their delusion, let me come to the point at once.

Which is that I wish to share something on animism with you.

Animism, you may wonder, what the fuck is animism – not that I’d assume you’d be given to such vernacular but I am so bear with me – animism is the basis of the Native American ontological position, their religion if you want to stoop to call it that. I had the inestimable privilege to live with the Taos ‘Indians’ (that’s what they call themselves and they have little regard to the neurosis of political correctness, so am sure none will be on my case for using the word here), for four miraculous years a few centuries back from 1979 till 1983, and was steeped in the way of animism.

Bear in mind though that like you I grew up and was conditioned by a society whose model is based on Cartesian logic – things are either completely this or completely that and never a combination of the two. Hence a person is either good or bad and never both. But obviously this is deluded and untrue because every manifest phenomenon from here to the outer edges of the universe is a mix of yin and yang, dark and light etc. And because of my conditioning I tended to attempt to rationalize everything I was being taught according to the Cartesian model, thinking I was being extremely responsible and grown up doing so too, just like all rationalists tend to do if you can catch them before they disappear up their asses completely .

So when it came to learning how to be a psychic weather-forecaster, and as anyone who knows me well will confirm, I’m generally more accurate than the official forecasts on account of my supremely excellent schooling in it, as I learned to speak to ‘Father Sky’ and ask it what it was next going to produce weather-wise, rather than allow myself to fully acquiesce to the animistic model and actually believe the sky was talking back to me, even though it was quite clear it was, I insisted this was actually my subconscious being able to calculate air pressure shifts and all the rest and deduce accurately what would result – that’s the power of the back-brain situated subconscious as we all know – it’s omniscient and all that stops us knowing it is the ongoing self-generated noise in the prefrontal lobes.

And the amazing thing is its taken nearly 40 years for me to finally click that it’s both. And it requires no hocus pocus faith in talking skies to see why. DMT, Dimethyltryptamine, the consciousness hormone is present in every molecule of everything in the universe as we know, hence everything is conscious and when we quiet the inner human noise enough to be privy to the processes occurring in the subconscious we naturally find ourselves in communion with the consciousness of everything – forever and ever.

That’s what it means to be in communion with the Tao, with God or however you feel like referring to the ineffable.

So the sky is actually talking to me, just not in human words or linguistic patterns – all of consciousness is talking to me as it is you – and not just Father Sky, nor even he and Mother Earth, but the chair you sit on, the shower head you shower your body with, the food you eat, the shoes you wear and so on, not to mention all the other people, and living things that populate your story.

In short this is my shout for animism – for thousands or years, hundreds of thousands probably, the ancients knew all this, clever so and so’s.

And the benefit in knowing – it’s the same as when you get on well with anyone, when you truly connect , things happen, opportunities arise and the story develops.

And of course this is the basis of the sweat-lodge style of ‘praying’ – talking to the Creator, the consciousness, establishing rapport, and things happening as a consequence.

The basis of magic in fact.

And you can’t do better than that really can you?

With love and wishes for this to be of supreme good use to you dear reader,

Love, Barefoot

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