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The swiftest way to succeed

There’s a guy I’ve been coaching for a while who comes to me because he wants to be more successful. The whole process has consisted of encouraging him to stop obsessing about being successful and instead focus on giving the very most he can, both in content and love, to his clients. But he’s a stubborn ox so it’s taken a while and has not always been plain sailing. However, over the time we’ve been working, as he’s let go progressively more of his egocentric agenda and switched focus to being of service, paradoxically, his success levels have risen exponentially (by a series of quantum leaps).

The last time we met was just recently and at some point as we sat there he proclaimed his sense of marvel that someone he considers as successful as me is just an ordinary guy, as opposed to a winged being with a flying chariot parked outside. As he said it, rather than play into that nonsensical mode, I looked in his eyes and said, “You’re insane.”

“Why?” he asked a little taken aback.

“You’re insane with this obsession about success. Drop success and success will grow.”

It wasn’t anything new. I’d said the same thing a hundred different ways already but this time he really heard me, the result of which he’s just about to start a whopping great new contract with some huge corporate body that fell bang into his lap when he was looking the other way. Neat team work.

I hope that inspires you.

Wish: That life showers you with unexpected outcomes that dramatically transform your life for the better.

Love, D

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