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The Tao of stillness

I naturally get internal noisy types asking me to teach them to meditate. I found by keeping the teaching to very simple sound techniques I/they achieved great success. So I wanted to pass one of these onto you, dear reader, should you be in need of quietening your own mind.

This is used to anaesthetise the forebrain and effectively turn the drama off, or at least right down till fairly inaudible and comprises rolling a continuous ‘R’ by opening your mouth and jaw a little, allowing your tongue to relax behind your upper teeth and blowing air under your tongue, causing it to flap at high speed.

Keep this up for five to ten minutes and no matter how compelling the inner drama, the noise coming off it will stop and remain quiet for at least 30 minutes subsequently, during which you’re keenly advised to close your eyes, draw your mind backwards into your midbrain, slow your breathing down and gaze peacefully into the field of silence stretching out before you.

It’s a most brilliant way of getting high.

I wish you natural inner height now.

Love, B

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