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The Tao Sends It, People Bring It

When it comes to dealing with other people and at such times as decisions affecting the choices you’re going to make yourself are apparently in their hands, the trick is not to invest in the picture of them deciding to do what you think it is you want them to do and instead invest in the picture of you, exactly how you’ll be when you do get what you want, as you surely will, not necessarily through your dealings with those particular people – what you’re looking for could come through them or could come through someone entirely different. The Tao sends it, people bring it.

The focus, is on seeing you being in the state of having achieved what you want, rather than on specific identities of the people who will facilitate that for you. Say, for example, you thought you wanted to be with a particular person. Stop and look at how you’d be feeling were that person to be with you. Perhaps it would be thrilled. So you see yourself being thrilled in that same way, regardless of why or by whom and invest your energy and intent in that. The universe will then pick up the signal instantaneously and manifest the picture for you in the appropriate way with the suitable, compatible other. Apply this to wanting a particular job, house, sum of money or whatever. It works every time.

The interesting bit is the apparent delay between the visualisation and the actualisation in real time. But this is shortened the more you visualise yourself feeling how you will when it is actualised. For by visualising, you give commands to your body, which in turn produces the relevant sensation, at which point it doesn’t actually matter when the visualisation actualises itself because you’ve got the real benefit already. This acts like a magnet, which based on the law of mutual attraction, magnetises the requisite conditions to produce the perfect result and the less you meddle in the interim, the less you restrict the possibilities with self-limited imagination, the more elegant will be the result.

With love, Doc

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