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The True Art Of Having Fun

Is it really right to have fun in the midst of the everyday? Seriously, is it right to have fun like a child as you work, rest and play? In the light of there being so many people around you apparently suffering and not having fun, is it really alright?

Of course it is.

You don’t help those suffering by adding to the suffering with your own unnecessary suffering, you just make it worse. When others are suffering it’s your duty on their behalf to shine the light of your innermost joy for being alive. This light is infectious. You don’t have to shine it in their eyes or bang them on the head with it. You simply need to let yourself feel the joy of being alive and not try to hide it. People will feel it and it will remind them to access their own inner light.

It’s the only way.

Healing is spread through joy.

You feel joy when you allow your playful spirit to play. This doesn’t mean being irresponsible. It means keeping things in perspective. Everything we spend our time doing is merely a game we’re playing while we’re hanging around waiting to die. and life passes swiftly, as any really old person will confirm. So if it’s a game, play it and playing means playing – playing like a child. Be excellent, be efficient, be successful and all the rest but do it all in the spirit of play.

Keep it light. Keep yourself light. Be light – and to be light you have to be joyful.

You’re alive. That’s all that matters. All the rest is just the colouration, the dynamics to give the story a bit of shape and substance. Give thanks for being alive – right now – and keep on giving thanks for it.

The more you do, the more your joy will grow. And the more your joy grows, the more joy others feel in themselves when around you.

Wish: your joy grows exponentially and rapidly, swiftly filling your entire world and transforming it for the vastly better by a quantum jump.

Love, Doc

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