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The way to having a far deeper, greater degree of fun

Stop and examine the parameters of your professional, social and personal intercourse with others and you’ll notice how at some level the subtext is all about how important you perceive yourself to be in the eyes of others. And if you look a bit deeper than that, you’ll spot how much energy is required to fuel that inquiry.

If you can’t actually be bothered to look, let me assure you it’s a huge amount. And this is energy you need to keep your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical systems normalized.

Desist from needing to be important in the eyes of the world however, being content merely to be serving in whichever best way you can in any particular moment, and you’ll be stunned at how much extra vitality, vigour and vim that releases back into your system.

Be content merely to be, in other words, let peace come to you through that, and all else including importance will come of itself anyway.

You’re important enough for life to have sustained so far and that means you’re important enough. Any more importance than that is just a bonus.

But only to a certain point. For when you’re so important you can’t step outside the house without an entourage of minders, drivers and other auxiliaries, it actually detracts from rather than add to your freedom and joie de vivre.

Imagine a world where everyone suddenly let go now of the need to be important. It would be a lot more fun.

I wish you fun.

Love, D

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