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The Wisest Use Of Your Energy

While you’ll always be tempted from time to time to let your survival anxiety run away with you and create internal horror stories about the prospects of your life falling apart and you winding up destitute, ruined, sleeping rough and friendless, it’s good to realize this merely represents you blowing things out of proportion for no reason. In fact if you say so what, in full trust that even if that unlikely scenario were to happen, it wouldn’t be the end of you and that somehow you’d actually turn it to your advantage, if only in having a good story to tell, you’ll find the fear dissipates instantly.

You’re then free (and strongly advised) to use that energy instead to visualize yourself achieving whatever it is you need to achieve to keep your life moving along harmonious abundant lines.

You have a choice in every moment between fearing or visualizing – and remember you get what you focus on, whether that focus is negative in the case of fear-thoughts or positive in the form of visualizations.

So use your energy and time wisely and focus your attention on the vision of what you want rather than what you don’t want.

Reality as you perceive and experience it is merely subjective anyway – what you experience is merely a set of appearances and not ultimate truth, unless you’re spending all your time in the enlightened, transcendent state, instructions for which appear in today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop (for which you'll need to be or become a member, and it's worth it).

Wish for you: you waste not a drop of energy or time on negative pictures today and instead find yourself spontaneously drawn to only see the positive and thereby create it with such force, you find yourself singing, ‘Barefoot is a real brick (with a ‘b’)’ the whole day and night long.

Love, D

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