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The World Of The Ten Thousand Things

Each moment you’re free to create the appearance of reality anew.

By choosing a different skin for your window on the world, a different prism through which to order the appearance of things, you cause the appearance of things to alter. When I mention appearances in this context, I’m referring to the deepest level of appearance, based on the notion that reality itself, the Tao or realm of causation, is unchanging even though it is constantly generating and only its effects are visible and that these effects (the world you perceive, or as the ancient Taoists called it, the world of the ten thousand things) are merely appearances, which change shape and position according to how you perceive them.

This is the basis of magic in the true sense. For instance, choose to see the world as a place of wonder and opportunity, a warm, nurturing place that is only here to facilitate your healthy growth and perfect happiness and let that choice resonate soundly throughout your person and within but a wee while, the appearance of reality and, hence the way you experience it, will alter to match that.

One way to get your choice to resonate is to repeat it aloud or under your breath, as appropriate, in affirmation form and to link doing so with various habitual actions performed during the course of a typical day or night. So, for example, if say your choice was as above (but obviously make your own choices here), before taking a shower you’d say it, as you left the house you’d say it again, as you entered the workplace, you’d say it again and so on and of course, you’d say it as an antidote any time the words or actions of other people, and/or the thoughts in your own mind, caused a flurry of tension within, so that by the time you got to bed, your unconscious mind would be in no doubt what your choice was. Your choice would have resonated all the way to your bones and you would be that choice and by and by the external world would have reshaped itself to reflect that.

May this serve you well and may your world be full of wonder and opportunity today and tonight.

Love, Doc

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