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There can be no missing out or being missed out

The fear of missing out and perhaps more crucially the fear of being missed out is one of the big drivers, if not biggest drivers of human activity there is. As a reflex it originates in the fear of missing out on the food after the hunt back in the good old hunter-gatherer phase, but is now directed at pretty much any fad or fashion in any aspect of life imaginable. Are you getting the full deal? Are you getting the fullest deal possible? Are you being a chump and missing out? Are ‘they’ (originally the clan) going to miss you out when it comes to sending out invites to the next great thing they’re doing? Are you worthy of inclusion? Are you substandard? Are you desirable (at any or all levels)? Are you undesirable?

I’m not asking you to decide, merely provoking you to examine your own thoughts as they slide in and out of each other and in and out of cognitive awareness.

Naturally you’ll have a combination of all of these running simultaneously, hence it seems obvious our part as actively awakened beings is to choose which we wish to be. Because either we choose or others choose for us. It’s all about resonance. If you choose to subscribe to the story you’re worthy and desirable of inclusion it causes you to vibrate at a higher frequency than if you choose the other option. This isn’t just fantastical new age nonsense either – when positively focused and relaxed your energy flows more freely through your meridians, same way your blood flows more freely through your arteries and veins and the more life-force flowing through you the stronger the vibratory rate of your energy field. This in turn has you resonating with the higher vibration running through the collective field and through that magnetizes a better quality of opportunity your way. But more to the point, others sense it in you and are drawn to you, and when others are drawn to you you’re in – you’re included.

But ironically when centered in your own power you don’t mind whether others include you or not, because all you’re aware of is plenitude and in plenitude there can be no missing out or being missed out.

All of this is facilitated by shifting yourself out of your front into your back, all the way up your body and into your skull, so you’re now watching life from the back of the skull, eyes now mere portholes in the front of the head.

Then with heart open in the front to allow your unique beauty to radiate, feeling the presence supporting you from behind as it were, feel your connectedness to the all, and to each of its constituent parts and realize that if anyone’s missing out it’s everyone else for not being in your presence right now.

Good, glad we had this chat dear reader, and may it bring you a feeling of great personal majesty as intended.

With love your brother, Barefoot

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