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There is no order of difficulty in making miracles happen, no matter how big

This is one of the more difficult aspects to learn about making miracles, ironically: there is no order of difficulty – it doesn’t matter how big the miracle you want to make. But you have to be able to see and therefore allow the possibility of whatever it is you want to make happen. And even more importantly, you have to not care whether the miracle happens like you want it to or not. Not because you’re a slovenly, churlish miracle-making son of a gun but because you know that if it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it might, it’ll turn out another way and it really doesn’t matter as long as it keeps turning out somehow.

Once you’re attained to this transcendent let-go state, visualize the outcome of the miracle you wish for, see yourself or whoever it is you’re doing the miracle for once the miracle has happened, enjoying the effects of it fully and keep seeing that, with full faith in the power of possibilities, never wavering from the vision and in the fullness of time, whatever’s required to produce that outcome will indeed be made manifest.

You’ll also notice that by allowing your miracle vision to be as huge as it wants to be, your sense of self expands accordingly, which in terms of the here and now, is the real pay-off.

I wish you a hugely expanded sense of self now and through the weekend ahead, along with the expansion of possibilities that induces.

Love, Doc

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