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Throw yourself into the arms of the Tao

You get what you expect. That’s the way reality works. Expect to be deprived, treated badly, hurt, attacked, hindered and so on and that’s what you’ll get. So definitely don’t expect that, unless you like the drama of being in unnecessary pain. Instead expect a beautiful day in which you surprise yourself by how well you get everything done and by how much fun you have playing like a child in the funfair of daily life.

Expect people to be cooperative, kind, caring, respectful, authentic and generous towards you and that’s what you’ll get, providing of course, you’re willing to be that way towards them in the first place.

And yes of course you’ll be let down here and there. This happens because the outside reflects the inside. When you get let down, it’s happening to show you that somewhere in the depths of your mind, you were expecting that, hence creating it. and it’s showing you that so you can get stronger and clearer about expecting to be delighted and surprised instead.

Develop your expectation to be delighted and surprised today. do this simply by letting go of the hurt child within, the frightened child within and choosing to be the bold, daring, courageous, outrageous, life-loving child within, playing in the funfair of the everyday.

Cast your mind back to a time you were that child. And let it inform you with an excited feeling in your chest, without having any particular object to attach your excitement to.

Throw yourself into the arms of the Tao and let it catch you and life will work out swimmingly now.

Wish: the delights you receive today surprise you so much you all but fall off your chair.

Love, D

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