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Thrusting Thymus Power

Every now and then I like to throw in one of the really important sublimely life-changing techniques from the vast Taoist pantheon and today’s one is truly unsurpassed. It’s incredibly easy and incredibly difficult. There’s a whole science behind it but essentially by placing your awareness in three points on your body simultaneously and remembering to keep doing it as you wend your way, you’ll connect yourself to your so-called higher self and thereby imbue yourself with an extra-special energy that infuses your consciousness and transforms the warp and weft of reality around you.

This gives you supreme confidence, while remaining humble and receptive.

The technique also has high benefit for the immune system and overall helps you feel much happier about being alive.

So saying, place awareness now in the bubbling wells in the centre of the ball of each foot and in the thymus gland, situated above the heart in the upper chest simultaneously.

In this connection of chi from thymus to balls of feet and vice versa, also be aware of the way it passes through the sacral bone at the base of the spine.

Next, curl your palm towards you, you’ll spot a pair of parallel tendons running up the midline of this soft side of the forearm. Where these two join the base of the palm, an event marked by the wrist bracelet, press in, directing pressure from there towards the centre of the palm for 20 seconds with enough gentle force to produce a pleasant but notable let-go ache, then repeat on the right arm.

Do this eight times or even nine if you like it and as you do each time, focus on raising the breastbone a tad and discreetly thrusting your thymus into the world from there.

The most important thing with the thymus thrust is to remember to do it – it’s only very subtle yet extraordinarily powerful. And all you really have to do to activate it is think it.

I wish you a day spent in joy with your higher self.

Love, D

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