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Together We Can Transform The World

Flexibility – it’s all about flexibility, I hear my mind saying, so I listen into the conversation going on in my forebrain and it’s all about maintaining equilibrium by adapting to whatever is perceived as going on, both internally and externally. Most of the time, my tone of mind is fairly positive and uplifted but I often have difficult feelings waft through, in the same style as clouds passing in the sky.

Inherent in our culture is abhorrence to such passing clouds and I grew up believing it was best to try and push them away. However I gradually, slowly learned – and am still learning – that this is a fruitless use of will and energy and that the only way to adapt is to welcome whatever feelings are wafting through – not resist, fight or deny them. So when feeling momentarily glum, scared, disorientated, displaced, isolated, alienated or disconnected, as we all do from time to time, rather than try and push the feelings down or away, I’m training myself to accept I actually enjoy them because they constitute an active component of the miracle of my life while they’re happening and to deny or suppress them is tantamount to denying or suppressing the very miracle of my existence.

It doesn’t come automatically all the time yet. Normally my first reaction is to struggle with myself. That causes me some sort of physical constriction or discomfort and that alerts me – then I relax my muscles, especially those that are gripping on against the feeling, I breathe more freely, I identify the feeling, then I surrender and welcome it. And then I congratulate myself and tell myself it would be a good thing to write and teach about. And here I am now writing about it.

Does it resonate? And does it help knowing this ongoing support for your wellbeing, transmitted via such pieces as this and via the trainings, and via the general profusion of content and the generally magnificent ambience of the site? I hope so because I’ve devoted my life to it over the last few years and, as an artist, am always looking for ways to improve and amplify it.

The current of change is moving increasingly faster and reality is up for grabs. Together, we can transform the world. That’s it. That’s all I have to say.

With love, Doc

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