Tool To Produce A Truly Very Merry day

In any single moment you have a choice between tensing up or relaxing. When you tense up because you’re resisting life, you squeeze the heat up the front of your body, which increases pressure to your brain and so compresses your thoughts, thus reducing your view of reality. To give your thoughts some air so you can see the bigger picture, simply note the physical tension, exhale, drop your shoulders, soften down along the front of your body, sink your weight and let go.

Do this three times and tell yourself, as if reciting a ditty, ‘I choose to feel peace in my heart and my soul, I choose to feel peace in my heart and my soul, I choose to feel peace in my heart and my soul, I choose to feel calm in my body, yeah, yeah, I choose to feel calm in my body,’ and carry on as you were.

Within but moments you’ll notice you feel a lot more positive about the day, about the world and about your role in it and if you catch the tension any time it happens subsequently and do the same routine, within no more than three days, you’ll have produced a significant qualitative difference in your life that will have far-reaching positive ramifications beyond your wildest dreams.

To the ancient Taoists, attaining and maintaining peace of mind was, without parallel, the most highly prized jewel in the firmament. Seek peace and all else will be added.

May so much be added today, you feel like the luckiest mortal in the cosmos.

Love, Doc

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