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Transcendent Enlightenment

Go online for real estate agents who deal with high mountain cave rentals.

Rent a cave far from civilisation, high up a mountain somewhere remote, close to a natural water source.

Pack practical clothing, sleeping bag, miscellaneous essential kit, a large box of matches, a large jar of edible algae and a big packet of raisins.

Take six months off work.

Retire to said cave and sit there alone 12 hours a day doing nothing but watching the breath entering and exiting through your nostrils.

Every time an extraneous thought arises, observe it and let it pass like a cloud passing in the sky without examining or investigating it.

Alternatively, adhere to the 8 principles of personal power in School For Warriors:

1 – stay wherever you are and move your body as a unified force by focusing a thought at all times on a point one grape’s distance down from your navel.

2 – breathe slowly and evenly by pulling that point below the navel backwards towards the spine to push the stale air out of your lungs, then letting the point move back out and away from your spine again to allow the fresh air in.

3 – expand your posture by lengthening your spine, dropping and broadening your shoulder girdle and relaxing and broadening your pelvic girdle.

4 – soften every muscle in your body.

5 – sink your weight below the level of the point below your navel.

6 – draw your mind back into the midbrain region.

7 – relax and open your heart area and let your love flow to the world and the world’s love flow to you.

8 – remember at all times you are an expression of life in human form as is everyone else and understand your purpose is to feel joy in each moment, while your mission, your purpose taken into action, is to spread that joy far and wide so life can enjoy itself through you and others as widely as possible.

The advantage of the second option is that you can practice it anywhere all the time, even if sitting in a cave for six months and achieve perpetual enlightenment, whereas you can’t sit in a mountain cave for six months while getting on with your life.

Loving wish: that you spontaneously attain to such levels of joy today you can hardly stop yourself breaking into song and dance at every turn.

Love, B

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