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Transforming Delay Into Progress

When things seem to get stuck and your progress is delayed, rather than fret and waste energy, relax and give thanks. Rather than generate anxiety and self-doubt about your manifesting powers, exercise the courage to surrender to the gap created by the delay.

Feel the frustration and then tell yourself that you’ve manifested everything precisely as it is, including this frustration, in order to feel more fully alive.

Whether this is ultimate truth or not is irrelevant.

What’s relevant is that whenever you adopt this approach, thereby regaining a sense of command over reality, you instantaneously elicit an up-rush of vitality within.

It is this very up-rush, which in turn energizes the manifesting process and thus draws the delay phase to a swift transit back into full-progress mode.

I wish you a rapid acceleration in manifesting everything you want today.

Love, D

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