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Transforming The Day Into An Adventure

Following the Tao of the day, following the energy (the Tao’s movement made manifest) as it flows through events, you are led on a pleasant ride, far more so than if you start the day with a rigid agenda to achieve this or that.

Know the outcome you intend but start and/or continue the day with an agenda merely to follow your energy wherever it takes you, then attune yourself to your lower abdominal area and sensitise yourself to the sensations there.

When it feels light, it means all is well. If it feels heavy it indicates you need to move. The move doesn’t have to be a big one – nothing life-changing in the meta-sense. It can be something as small as moving from one buttock to the other as you sit in your chair, or walking across the room, or making a call, sending an email or simply shifting your point of view. Your own mind can supply the details for this.

The key is discerning whether you’re feeling light or heavy in the belly. The goal is to feel light in the belly at all times. When you’re in the flow, following your energy, your belly feels light. When you’re resisting the flow and following a different agenda, your belly feels heavy. By positioning yourself psychologically and/or physically so you’re always feeling light is the art of the master.

Conversely, by concentrating your mind into your lower abdomen and visualising it feeling light, simultaneously relaxing all your muscles there and breathing slowly and deeply into your belly so it swells on inhalation and flattens again on exhalation, thus engendering a light feeling, will cause the energy to stir in you and urge you to make this or that move.

Either way you approach it, may the Tao lead you to a host of unexpectedly delightful moments as you work, rest and play today and tonight.

Love, Doc

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